Why You Should Care About AWS Well-Architected Framework

The framework for AWS is the structure that allows engineers or more profoundly, a broader group of IT professionals to architect any problem or project adequately. So this brings us precisely to the point, “What is the AWS architecture and why should an organization give it any importance?” Let’s find out more about it. Why […]

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Infographic: Cloud Migration Overview and Benefits

Cloud Migration Overview and Benefits: Know more about cloud migration facts and figures, business benefits of cloud migration, how to calculate migration cost and cloud migration investments. See the below infographic for more details. Share this Image On Your Site Infographic Source:Idexcel

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Top Digital Transformation Trends in the Financial Industry

When it comes to the financial industry, the year 2019 is going to prove to be a changing point, especially concerning digital transformation. There will be a paradigm shift for the banking industry, especially for those who have functioned within the brick and mortar layout. The point is that consumers have been split for choices, […]

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The 5 Best Practices for DevOps Transformation

DevOps is all about creating a culture where both IT and operations teams can work together. Deriving its roots from the Agile methodology, DevOps involves the use of automated processes to increase the rate of application deployment within organizations. The essential idea behind DevOps is to allow IT teams to work in a more coordinated […]

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How the Internet of Things is Changing the Healthcare Industry

Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed many industries in terms of catering and management of services, especially health care industries which have shown remarkable development in treating people. From scheduling doctors appointments to advice on a diagnosis, the sector has gone a long distance in redefining the way things operate. The increasing advancements in technology […]

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Date: April 9-11, 2019 Location: Las Vegas Event Details: The world’s next best innovations will be built by teams like yours. This is why our mission is to help unleash the potential in every team and why we hold Summit year after year. Join our team along with other users to be inspired, hear expert […]

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Date: April 1-4, 2019 Location: San Francisco, CA Venue: Moscone Center Event Details: Join thousands of IT and security professionals, product leaders, and developers in San Francisco this April for Oktane19. We have a great lineup of speakers, trainings, and events that explore a broad range of topics related to identity, security, and digital transformation. […]

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Cloud Security Challenges for Enterprises

To expand business reach owners are moving to cloud-based environments where they have the flexibility of choosing the capacity of the cloud based on their relevant requirements. Additionally, the cloud gives you the option of accessing your system files and making adjustments to them anytime, anywhere. In short, the cloud is cheaper, more efficient, and […]

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