Build Your AI Services to Scale in the Cloud

AI in the Cloud

Idexcel has achieved the status of Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS. We have built the capability to leverage the existing AI/ML services that AWS offers and build solutions over them.

There is a plethora of solutions that can be built using the existing AI/ML services. The picture below depicts a host of solutions which can be built.

AWS AI & ML Services

Advantages of using AI in the cloud:

  • Best infrastructure for training and inference of AI models
  • Monitoring and Maintenance of the Infrastructure ensuring high availability
  • Ensuring security of apps & services
  • Scaling up and down as necessary
  • Availability as Microservice or as an API
  • Readiness for performance critical operations

Besides these we also assist our customers in building bespoke models using our custom framework and deploy them on the cloud to gain the benefits of cloud infrastructure

Case Studies

Fast and Secure Data Redaction

Masking data is fast and secure now. Application built on TexTract enables customers to have a holistic control over the documents. Users can have fields redacted according to their specific requirements.

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Empowering Unstructured Information Extraction from Financial Documents

Data Extraction is one of the major applications of Red-Ex which is built on AWS TexTract. It enables users to extract various types of fields from a document which is of image format.

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