Develop and Deploy your Applications in Cloud

Cloud Native Development

Develop and deploy your applications to the cloud with the help of Idexcel’s industry-leading consulting team. Whether you have a collection of existing applications or on the lookout to implement your first, our team can architect the ultimate solution with the reliability and scaling capabilities of new Cloud Native technologies.

  • Serverless Computing – We help architect serverless applications for organizations that can reap the benefits of FaaS (Function as a Service) such as – faster deployment, enhanced scalability, greater developer productivity, better performance and finally lower maintenance and infrastructure costs.
  • Container Strategy – Idexcel helps organization design and develop enterprise container management strategy with focus on various Container software and orchestration tools.
  • MicroServices Development – Deliver new cloud-native software applications and refactor existing applications to use microservices and provide differentiated services for an organization.
  • Continuous Delivery – By implementing streamlined Continuous delivery processes, Idexcel help organizations effectively respond to fluctuating market changes and help attain higher agility, improved efficiency and lower risks with a tighter feedback loop

We leverage the power of public cloud to make your on-premise solutions even better. Also, we offload analytical and processing data to the cloud for more efficiency or ensure your local solutions are backed up and supported by disaster recovery solutions. The Idexcel team can develop leading strategies to ensure your native and hybrid operations run smoothly in the cloud.

Why Idexcel for Your Cloud Native Development?

  • Faster release pace
  • Lower operational costs
  • Faster, more efficient software distribution
  • Robust availability and uptime metrics
  • Superior customer experiences

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