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Data Strategy & Advisory

Digital Transformation is changing the way how an organization operates at the foundational level. Companies over the past years, have accumulated huge volumes of data that have piled over and part of that data currently lives in different silos. As these enterprise data volumes explode and the number of potential data use cases grow exponentially, companies need to strategically extract and utilize these “assets” to deliver high performance data and analytics results that generate real time insights. To make this happen, an organization will need to implement a robust Data Focused Strategy that can help leverage and unlock the potential of big data and analytics.

Idexcel has over 20 years of experience in Data Strategy. Our team of experts will work with you to create a comprehensive enterprise wide data focused strategy, tailored towards your organization’s business goals. Our assessments and roadmaps will provide you with a successful plan that encourages the business and IT team to work together, with the right methodology and tools to achieve successful adoption.

Our Methodology:-

Business goals & Strategy
Current state assessment
Proposed future state
Implementation roadmap
Budget and licensing
KPI’s and Metrics

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