Recap of Adam Selipsky’s AWS re:Invent 2021 Keynote Announcements

What To Expect From AWS reInvent 2021

CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Adam Selipsky initiated day 2 of AWS re:Invent 2021 with a keynote presentation filled with several exciting announcements, status reports, and long-term vision-settings for the AWS Cloud platform. From Selipsky’s keynote, it is very evident that AWS has ambitious objectives, in addition to the potency to carry through. One thing that Selipsky emphasized, which could be surprising to many, is that we are still in the early stages of the Cloud. Andy Jassey, CEO of Amazon evaluated back in the month of April that only less than 5% of all IT spend takes place on the Cloud. In a nutshell, there are still enormous opportunities available to improve and upgrade IT infrastructure.

And, as Selipsky described, AWS continues to be the perfect place for this to materialize. Now especially, it makes sense to retain indispensable workloads on the AWS and innovate with the support of the platform. AWS continues to make huge investments in its already robust suite of cloud-native products, solutions and tools. This year, Selipsky announced a stack of advancements to existing technologies and absolutely new services that will empower more business organizations to benefit from the power of Cloud Computing. We hereby present below, a summary of Selipsky’s biggest announcements:

  • A brand new Graviton3 Arm Server Chip which operates 25% faster than Graviton2, consumes 60% less energy, and provides 3x faster performance for Machine Learning (ML) workloads and 2x faster for cryptographic workloads.
  • New C7g Instances energized by the Graviton3 Arm Server Chip which will best support compute-intensive workloads.
  • New EC2 Trn1 instances that will expedite and improve deep learning models with a network bandwidth of 800 Gbps and finer total price for performance.
  • A novel AWS Mainframe Modernization service that enables business organizations to migrate, modernize, and flawlessly run mainframe workloads on AWS. The solution has already proven to reduce the time taken for by 67%.
  • A novel AWS Private 5G Service that will permit users to setup, manage and scale their own private mobile networks within days along with automatic configuration, zero per-device charges, and collaborative spectrum operation. AWS in turn provides all the software, hardware, and SIM’s required for the Private 5G service, making it a comprehensive solution that is the first of its type.
  • Key Updates to AWS Lake Formation which include: Security at both Row and Cell-level, that will in return enable users to restrict access to specific data and only disclose sensitive information to approved users. Transactions for Governed Tables in Lake Formation excludes the need for batching updates.
  • Serverless & On-Demand Analytics for Amazon Redshift, MSK, EMR, and Kinesis, which implies business organizations, can now carry out Advanced Analytics without having to worry about provisioning capability or managing servers.
  • A novel Amazon SageMaker Canvas Service which offers a point and click interface for business users and analysts to initiate Machine Language (ML) predictions without needing to write any kind of code.
  • A novel AWS IoT TwinMaker Service which makes the process of creating and utilizing digital twins for real-world systems simpler.
  • A novel AWS IoT FleetWise Service that rationalizes how automobile firms acquire data from large fleets, which will be very vital in the forthcoming autonomous self-driving age.

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