Why Enterprises Should Adopt a Multi-Cloud Strategy

There is no denying the fact that hybrid clouds have become one of the prominent topics of discussion within the technology industry. Since the hybrid cloud structure is all about mixing public and private cloud platforms to do an organization’s bidding, it has become the backbone of data strategy and operational processes within organizations. By […]

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The Differences Between Cloud and On-Premises Computing

Cloud computing has recently gained popularity due to the grace of flexibility of services and security measures. Before it, on-premise computing was the one reigning the kingdom due to its sheer benefits of data authority and security. The critical difference on the surface between the two is the hosting they provide. In on-premise computing, to […]

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Best Practices for Using DevOps in the Cloud

Companies at the frontier of technological evolution recognize how important it is to streamline development processes so that the ever changing requirements of the market can be quickly and efficiently addressed. While the cloud offers automatic scaling to make room for application changes, it is DevOps that makes optimal use of cloud resources. However, even […]

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The Challenges of Multi-Cloud Environments

As multi-cloud strategies continue to evolve and rule over companies’ technological gamut, there are a lot of issues which are being highlighted and coming to the forefront. A multi-cloud strategy means companies are beginning to make use of multiple cloud service providers, but does this have to indicate that immediate issues need to be speed […]

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Top 5 DevOps Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

DevOps is a well-trodden path, which has been gaining momentum over the past few years. Considering ever-evolving routines, the year 2019 is becoming the year of interest for organizations looking out for DevOps improvements. DevOps has ushered in a wave of new collaboration between different teams, which has led to the creation of an end […]

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Data Security Challenges in Cloud Computing

With the increase in data volumes, data handling has become the talk of the town. As companies begin to move to the cloud, there is a higher emphasis ensuring everything is safe and secure, and that there is no risk of data hacking or breaches. Since the cloud allows people to work without hardware and […]

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How to Avoid Cloud Migration Mistakes

The data world is very dynamic, and it is critical to update services according to the demands of business. When you are operating cloud storage, it may occur that you are not satisfied with your service provider and want to migrate to another cloud provider. That sure is a right step, but what many miss […]

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Best Practices for Cloud Security

There was once a time when cloud security systems were very much able to tackle imminent threats through their inbuilt support systems. But, hackers have pushed forward, and it would appear that no data is secure from threats if additional security is not put in place. However, there are some handy precautions that you can […]

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