Digital Workers Are a Necessity in Our Post-Pandemic World

Digital Workers

Modern growth depends on automation. Any routine task that can be automated gives an enterprise an edge over the competition in the beginning and then becomes a necessity for survival.

Excel macros were once a boon to any data-driven enterprise. They allow data analysts to automate processes that involved a lot of error-prone copying, pasting, and time. The problem with Excel macros is that they are limited to automating Excel and other Microsoft products.

A modern enterprise will have a suite of software that will benefit from automation, software that must work together to get the job done. Robotic process automation, or RPA, can automate routine processes at the user interface level regardless of the underlying software stack and takes automation to the next level, automation of any software an enterprise uses.

But automation has evolved even further than RPA. Let’s look at what digital workers are and how they can change your business.

What Are Digital Workers?

Using robotic process automation, you can create bots. Bots automate very specific processes and usually have a narrow range of functionality. Note that digital workers are not bots. Digital workers can handle a broad range of tasks that would roughly correlate to a human job description. You can think of them as a fleet of bots that you deploy for a complete task.

Use cases for a digital worker include:

  • Data entry
  • Updating CRMs, ERPs, and billing
  • Employee onboarding
  • Client onboarding
  • Claims processing
  • Account reconciliation
  • Invoice processing

Digital workers are designed for specific job roles, so you don’t have to track down all the repetitive processes you use and map RPA bots to each task. Instead, you just download a digital worker, configure it, and put it to work.

The Benefits of a Post-Pandemic Digital Workforce

The pandemic brought many businesses to a halt. For others, it took a while for employees to adjust to working remotely. Business models changed forever, and digital workers have become an invaluable asset for organizations to thrive in this new world and adjust to changes quickly.

Here are some benefits of using digital workers:

Accurate Data

Many of the jobs you can replace with a digital worker involve data. Human data entry has always been susceptible to errors. It’s just the nature of being human. Digital workers take error out of the equation by cross-checking information and flagging any issues for a human to review.

Faster Processing

A digital worker can work faster than a human can type. Jobs that once had to be calculated in working hours can now run unattended in a fraction of the time. Digital workers also don’t need breaks and can work all day long.

Increased Productivity

Automating tedious, manual tasks like data entry will free up employees’ time to focus on more important tasks. Employees will be motivated to work on more interesting tasks when they aren’t interrupted by menial work. Digital workers can work 24/7 and don’t take sick days.

Lower Costs

All the other benefits of digital workers add up to a lot of savings. Without human error, tasks won’t have to be done twice. Because digital workers can process tasks faster, your business can get more done each day. And employees can work on important tasks while digital workers automatically and economically take care of all the menial tasks.


The pandemic changed the way business is done. Businesses are undergoing digital transformation to keep up with the changes in the pandemic’s aftermath. Digital workers are an important part of this transformation. They can automate processes once done by employees with more accuracy, faster processing, and lower costs while freeing employees to do more important work.

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