AWS re:Invent 2022 – Day 2 Recap

Amazon QuickSight Q is powered by machine learning (ML), providing self-service analytics by allowing you to query your data using plain language and therefore eliminating the need to fiddle with dashboards, controls, and calculations. With last year’s announcement of QuickSight Q, you can ask simple questions like “who had the highest sales in EMEA in 2021” and get your answers (with relevant visualizations like graphs, maps, or tables) in seconds. Automated data preparation utilizes machine learning to infer semantic information about data and adds it to datasets as metadata about the columns (fields), making it faster for you to prepare data to support natural language questions.

AWS Supply Chain is a new cloud-based application that helps supply chain leaders mitigate risks and lower costs to increase supply chain resilience. AWS Supply Chain unifies supply chain data, provides ML-powered actionable insights, and offers built-in contextual collaboration, all of which help you increase customer service levels by reducing stockouts and help you lower costs from overstock.

Amazon DataZone is a new data management service that makes it faster and easier for customers to catalog, discover, share, and govern data stored across AWS, on-premises, and third-party sources. “To unlock the full power, the full value of data, we need to make it easy for the right people and applications to find, access, and share the right data when they need it — and to keep data safe and secure,” AWS CEO Adam Selipsky said on his keynote session. DataZone enables you to set data free throughout the organization safely by making it easy for admins and data stewards to manage and govern access to data. DataZone provides a data catalog accessible through a web portal where users within an organization can find data that can be used for analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning.

Amazon Security Lake is a purpose-built service that automates the central management of security data sources into a purpose-built data lake stored in the account. This service helps security teams to analyze security data easily and have a complete understanding of the organization’s security posture. Security Lake has adopted the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF), an open standard that helps to normalize and combine the security data from various data sources including on-prem infrastructure, Firewalls, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon Route53, Amazon VPC Flow Logs, etc… Amazon Security Lake supports integrating data sources from third-party security solutions and custom data that has OCSF security data.

VPC Lattice – For modern applications that follow distributed architecture, troubleshooting the communication issues between various components/services is a challenge and time-consuming unless the communication configurations are under control and tracking. AWS VPC Lattice is a new capability of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) that gives us a consistent way to connect, secure, and monitor communication between the services that are distributed. Policies for traffic management, network access, and monitoring can be defined in the VPC Lattice to connect applications in a simple and consistent way across AWS compute services (instances, containers, and serverless functions). VPC Lattice handles service-to-service networking, security, and monitoring requirements.

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