Infographics: Cloud Computing Market Overview – 2017


Amazon Web Services Continues to Dominate the Cloud Infrastructure: According to Synergy Research Group’s report, not much has changed in 2017’s cloud infrastructure leaderboard. The paramount benchmark of 34% cloud share for AWS left behind the richest IT Company Microsoft at 11%, while IBM and Google at 8% and 5% respectively. In the wake of tremendous technological development, where Technology has spread its unforeseen wings, manufacturers continue to feed on the long term consumption plan development by engulfing consumers into IoT and cloud services. With Technology field showing the highest consumption of over 78.20%, other cloud consuming industries have surfaced with almost negligible indexes, namely Consumer Services 10.49%, Consumer Goods 6.21% and Finance 5.1%.

Tech Experts Forecast an Unprecedented Upsurge in Global Public Cloud Services: The world, where virtual realities have started to take precedence over the concrete ones, predicts a blasting expansion of cloud services in the upcoming years. Rapid expansion of cloud infrastructure due to the era defining fields of Web services, IoT and Artificial Intelligence is likely to surface soon. With the current capital of over $260 Billion, it aims to expand at least with a massive $50 Billion capital inclusion per year in the coming years. See below infographic for more details.


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