Budget Strategies for Maximizing Big Data – Idexcel Big Data Roundup

1. Budget Strategies for Maximizing Big Data

Big data doesn’t necessarily come with a big pricetag. Here, an expert offers his tips for using big data on a small budget.

Got an operational problem?

Big Data will solve it! Marketing ills? Ask Big Data! Those two words have become a catchall — but data-crunching services tend to chase after enterprise-level businesses, making them out of reach for most small businesses. (Google Analytics Premium, for example, starts at $150,000 a year.) Don’t worry: Martineau says that with a strategic approach to Big Data, anyone can afford it. Continue reading…

2. Hadoop Overview: A Big Data Toolkit

Big Data isn’t new. Forbes traces the origins back to the “information explosion” concept first identified in 1941. The challenge has been to develop practical methods for dealing with the 3Vs: Volume, Variety, and Velocity. Without tools to support and simplify the manipulation and analysis of large data sets, the ability to use that data to generate knowledge was limited. The current interest and growth in Big Data, Data Science, and Analytics is largely because the tools for working with Big Data have finally arrived. Hadoop is an important piece of any enterprise’s Big Data plan. Continue reading…

3. Mendix Low-Code Mobile Dev Platform Connects IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning

Mendix today announced a new version of its low-code mobile development platform, designed to help developers build “Smart Apps” with connectors to accommodate emerging trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and machine learning (ML). Continue reading…

4. Marketing Technology Vendors Offer Big Success with Big Data

As you’re probably already aware, the marketing technology vendor landscape is amazingly vast. Scott Brinker, editor of chiefmartec.com, shares that in 2016 there are at least 3,874 vendors hawking their wares in the marketing technology space. And every single one of them uses data.
To that end, following are four examples of marketing technology vendors using big data effectively: Continue reading…

5. Role of Risk Audits: How the Cloud & Big Data have Changed Them

The role of auditors has been changing rapidly over the past decade. Big data is allowing them to make higher quality decisions. However, their job is also becoming more complicated, so future financial auditors will need a strong background in IT.