Amazon’s Tryst with the Cloud Market Determines its Revenues Trending

AWS Cloud Market
There is no doubt that Amazon’s web services are an outstanding piece of technology, especially when it comes to generating revenues. However, as recent trends begin to emerge, there has been a lot of commotion when it comes to dealing with competition. Microsoft’s Azure is beginning to overthrow Amazon’s market space, making the market conditions all the more volatile for the larger enterprises in the Cloud segment.

Amazon’s Tryst with the Cloud Market
As per a recent survey, statistics showed that Azure has beat AWS recently. As the Cloud Services grew, Amazon had clearly emerged as the lead and a preferred choice for Cloud Services. But as the survey concluded, with the maturity of the Cloud Services, more and more large enterprises are beginning to develop trust in other Cloud service providers, which caused a paradigm shift in the Cloud industry.

Despite having such a strong market share, there is a lot of attention which is being showered on Azure. Almost 66% of Iaas and PaaS vendors are comfortable with Azure, which highlights the dwindling market share of AWS in the Cloud industry.

Even with declining revenues, Amazon was able to see garner a lot of cash reserves during the first three months of 2017. If one was to compare Q1 of 2016 and Q1 of 2017, it would become relatively clear that the revenues have declined from 69% to 48%. This is the seventh quarter which is seeing a consecutive decline in the company’s Cloud based revenue.

Since Cloud computing is a commodity service, many enterprises search for better services at a lower cost. With competitors offering better services at cheaper costs, Amazon has a huge setback planned for it during this year. With competitors ranging from Microsoft to Google, and IBM to Salesforce, there is a lot which is at stake for the multibillion dollar enterprise.

Beating the Competition to gain a Competitive Edge
Amazon, when compared with its competitors like Google and Azure, is known for providing clean Cloud infrastructure to its customers. In addition to the AWS services, Amazon has also launched the Amazon Chime and the Amazon Connect, which will mean that customers can host online meetings in a much more safe and secure manner.

Having said this, with new centers opening up in France and China, Amazon is partnering with NASA to provide high resolution video broadcast from space. As more and more services get added in the enterprise’s kitty, there is a lot to look forward to with respect to Amazon’s expanding outreach, despite the competition.

As the company still controls 40% of the Public Cloud market, there is still a lot Google, Azure and IBM need to achieve in order to be able to completely overthrow the oligopoly of AWS in the Cloud market. Not only is it difficult to match the outstanding services, but it is equally difficult to be able to match up with the technology. As more and more customers sign up for AWS, there is a lot of expectations from the global enterprise. What is yet to be seen is whether the revenues are going to rise, or will they continue to decline for yet another quarter?