10 Reasons You Should Use Staffing Firms

We live in an age that thrives on competition. Companies compete with one another in recruiting the best and the top talents. In the perseverance of finding the right talent, companies are increasing their use of staffing agencies. Placement firms are often sought after to find the right candidate be it temporary, contract or permanent because the companies do not have the time for the complete candidate vetting process. Yet another reason for the businesses and companies to seek staffing firms is that these firms give them flexibility to be fully staffed during times of work over-load and special projects that require additional expertise. In addition, temporary staff may reduce overhead costs such as overtime for regular full time employees. Staffing agencies provide employees in a wide variety of discipline to meet all needs of the business, they can cover the vacation or maternity leave of a regular employee, they can be recruited on a few hours a week or on a full-time basis.

Here are the top 10 reasons for any company to use staffing agencies

Staffing firms find talent fast

These firms find both active and passive talents and place them in the talent pool. An active talent is ready to take up the job immediately and the firm is ‘actively’ seeking an individual. At the same time, there are people who are currently employed but may be looking out for better opportunities. These passive talents are also looked at through online resumes, LinkedIn and other sources. Hence they can raise the overall quality level of every new hire.

Lower new employee overhead

The vetting process of finding a new candidate is both tedious and costly. Hiring a full time employee requires start-up costs, training, on boarding and various other hidden costs like figuring out if the employee is a good fit after being hired. Staffing firms absorb most of the initial hire costs like background checks, criminal checks and sometimes training costs too. And under cases of the hire not fitting in to the company, staffing firms guarantee an immediate replacement thus ensuring the company finds the right candidate with minimal costs.

An advantage over corporate recruiters

Top passive candidates especially with more years of experience seek the best third-party recruiters to keep themselves aware of the best opportunities; whereas corporate recruiters stick to the company that they represent. This acts as a huge advantage in finding top talents.

A very good quality of hire

Staffing firms utilize a talent pool ranging in thousands to find the perfect candidate to fit in the qualifications of a certain position. They are dedicated to finding the best match between the candidate’s job needs and that of the professional, thus ensuring a perfect fit.

Responsible for meeting all position qualifications with selected candidates

When a candidate is sent across on a temporary or contract basis, the company can train them him to suit its needs and decide whether the candidate is fit enough to be offered a permanent position. But if the company chooses to change the employee or terminate the contract altogether, a staffing firm alleviates the burden of un-employment claims too.

Understand real job needs and so will hire people who can take off smoothly and steadily

Staffing firms are well trained in understanding real job needs as well as the needs of the hiring managers. While corporate trainers rely on skills, experience and compensation to filter candidates, staffing company can filter high potential and diverse candidates with better expertise.

More time to source passive candidates

Due to their extensive networking and talent pool, external recruiters can find and convince passive candidates for better opportunities. While corporate recruiters spend bulk of their time in recruiting someone who is anxious to leave, staffing firms entice passive candidates with better opportunities.

Credibility with hiring managers

Staffing firms and external recruiters work more closely and more often with the same hiring managers. This develops a trust factor and an essential partnership. The firms are clear about the needs of the job and provide the right candidates and the hiring managers on the other hand can rely on these firms constantly.

The focus is mainly on placements ensuring the screening of the best candidates only

The best of external recruiters work with fewer high-quality candidates and manage the entire process from the beginning to the end. Due to this precise vetting in choosing the candidates, they need to present only three or four candidates for a placement in order for one to get hired.

The firms are more consultative rather than transactional

The best external recruiters focus on making candidates understand the long term career opportunities that come with the new job offer. This ensures that the hire will be more successful in the long run because the offer gets accepted based on actual job needs and upside growth opportunity, just not at the compensation package.

In conclusion, any company big or small benefits from using staffing firms. The process of screening becomes shorter which gives more time for productivity. The best of employees can be hired with little effort. Using high quality staffing firms that meet the above criteria should be a part of every company’s talent acquisition program. By paying their onetime fee, albeit a little on the higher side, the companies can ensure that they have hired the best people which is by itself a multi-investment that has excellent returns.