11 Cyber-Security Predictions for 2017

A new forecast predicts that automated malware attacks will have a devastating effect on the internet of things (IoT). It also predicts the rise of the Shadownet (IoT botnets that can’t be seen or measured using conventional tools), cloud poisoning, more growth of Ransomware as a Service, and attacks on smart buildings. The report, “Fortinet […]

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Date : April 17-20, 2017 Location : Austin, TX Venue : Austin Convention Center | 500 E. Cesar Chavez St. Austin DockerCon is the community and container industry conference for makers and operators of next generation distributed apps built with containers. The three-day conference provides talks by practitioners, hands-on labs, an expo hall of Docker […]

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Security Testing: An insight

You will never want to implement software that bugs up every fortnight and annoys your customer. Security testing is so, an inevitable step prior to software deployment in client’s place. In this article, we shall bring an insight to the security testing and state why it is so important web applications. What is security testing? […]

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Tailoring Your DevOps Transformation to Organizational Culture – Idexcel DevOps Roundup

1. Tailoring Your DevOps Transformation to Organizational Culture In the ‘2016 State of DevOps Report’ the Westrum Model [1] of organizational culture is proposed. It focuses on information flow, high cooperation and trust as predictive factors of DevOps success in a company. It is a perfect future state design tool which, however, tells little about […]

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AWS Still Owns the Cloud

When Amazon announced its earnings for its Amazon Web Services cloud division on Thursday, the results were hardly surprising. While AWS might not have the eye-popping growth percentages of its rivals, it still grew at a decent 47 percent, with earnings of $3.53 billion on an astonishing $14.2 billion run rate. You may point to […]

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OpenStack Summit Boston, MA | May 8-11, 2017

Date : May 8-11 2017 Location : Boston, MA Venue : Hynes Convention Center THE MUST-ATTEND: Open Infrastructure Event The world runs on open infrastructure. At the OpenStack Summit, you’ll learn about the mix of open technologies building the modern infrastructure stack, including OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Ceph, OVS, OpenContrail, OPNFV, and more. Whether you […]

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Top Ten Must-Read Cloud Computing Blogs

1. Reddit – Cloud computing About Blog: News, articles and tools covering cloud computing, grid computing, and distributed computing. Link: reddit.com/r/cloudcomputing 2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Cloud Computing Services About Blog: Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Link: aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws 3. Google Cloud Platform Blog About Blog: Google Cloud Platform’s […]

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Microservices Architecture Advantages and Challenges

I was asked to review an architecture diagram for an application that would use MicroServices. I could find few REST APIs in the diagram connecting to a single database. That raised tons of questions: 1. Only one database? 2. What if the database is down? 3. All services will be hosted in a single server? […]

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Top 6 Disruptive Trends: Shaping the Future of Public Cloud

Talking of public cloud, provisioning storage, launching VMs and configuring networks are no more cutting edges. New IaaS capabilities enable enterprises to operate their workloads in the cloud. Innovative Cloud services are helping organisations drive transformation through agility, cost effectiveness and reduced IT complexities. With IaaS evolving at a rapid rate, the public cloud is […]

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