The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on the Evolution of Technology

It has been well established that Artificial Intelligence has contributed to increased productivity, efficiency, and development of society. Artificial Intelligence involves the use of machines; therefore, companies in different sectors are making efforts to produce and develop several mechanisms that can take the place of humans. The introduction of computers in 1970 was the beginning […]

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The 5 Best Practices for DevOps in the Cloud

The Cloud is known for offering scaling and automated provisioning facilities to accommodate potential changes that can affect applications. DevOps is used for streamlining an application’s progress so that user requirements can be mapped according to the appropriate application production queues. Even though DevOps is considered to be a helpful tool, IT Engineers tend to […]

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The Future of Machine Learning

Technology is innovating and revolutionizing the world at a rapid pace. Machines are taking over the world; believe it or not – this is not a celluloid fantasy anymore. Both Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence might appear to be the same, but the reality is that they are different than each other. Yet, they are […]

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DevOps World | Jenkins World Event 2018

Event Details:TRANSFORM your software delivery processes – attend DevOps World | Jenkins World! In 2018, we bring together the DevOps community in two locations, providing expanded opportunities to learn, explore, network and help shape the future of DevOps and Jenkins. DevOps World | Jenkins World is designed specifically for IT executives, DevOps practitioners, Jenkins users […]

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Best Practices to Help your Team Migrate to the Cloud

If any IT organization feels that shifting their workloads to the cloud is as simple as a lift and shift operation, then it must be noted that there is way more than what meets the eye. The cloud has become the preferred choice of services; from small businesses to large enterprises, organizations slowly realize the […]

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Top 5 Key Benefits of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become a buzzword for organizations these days. The world has gone digital; but does that mean that businesses are ready to revel in the era of digitization? The response is somewhat mixed; however, the benefits of digital transformation are still unknown, which makes the unexplored territory dangerous. To usher in the true […]

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How Can The AWS Cloud Enhance IoT Solutions?

The Internet of Things is a technical field that has garnered some of the most significant impacts in recent time. AWS IoT provides global scale and enhances security needed to collect data across millions of devices and sensors; this, in turn, is required to build end-to-end IoT solutions and applications to create, manage, and service […]

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AWS Summit Chicago – 2018

Event Details: The AWS Summit is a free event designed to bring together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS. Learn by attending technical sessions, workshops, chalk talks, and participating in team challenges. Visit The Expo to speak with leading cloud technology providers and consultants who can help you get the […]

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