AWS Immersion Day: How Amazon Rekognition Accelerates Digital Transformation for Financial Services

Watch the video and learn more about the basic concepts in computer vision, the capabilities of Amazon Rekognition, and how Idexcel has used Amazon Rekognition to solve some of the industry challenges for better lending.

AWS Immersion Day: Improve Lending Decisions from Text Data using Amazon Comprehend

Watch the video and learn more about Amazon Comprehend and demonstration on how it can help solve challenges in Lending using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

AWS Immersion Day: AI-Powered Digital Transformation for Public Sector

Watch the video and learn more about AWS initiatives and solutions in the public sector. Also, know more about how to accelerate public sector digital transformation and how can Idexcel AIDE solve data extraction challenges for public sector organizations.

AWS Immersion Day: Idexcel AIDE Sneak Peek

Idexcel AIDE (Automated Intelligent Data Extractor) is an all-encompassing data extraction solution that replaces manual processing with intelligent and automated data extraction workflows in your organization for any document format.

RPA Immersion Day

Join Idexcel & Automation Anywhere in this virtual event to learn how RPA (Robotic Process Automation) performs simple tasks faster and enables businesses to make better decisions. You'll also learn how Idexcel's Invisible Automation solution hosted on AWS platform helps automate more complex work processes across various industries.

Textract Immersion Day with Idexcel & AWS

Learn how to build an extraction tool for scanned documents using Amazon Textract. With teams working from home and businesses going totally remote, digital document processing is happening at record levels. Amazon Textract powered document extraction has become a critical tool for organizations to accelerate their virtual capabilities and process important data faster than ever.

Amazon Lex Immersion Day

Enable Business Intelligence in Chatbots Using Amazon Lex. Join AWS & Idexcel in this virtual event to learn how to implement Chatbots with Amazon Lex. Lex powered bots can be a key competitive advantage for enterprises; optimizing processes and enabling significant cost savings.

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