AIDE - AI Powered Intelligent Data Extraction

Idexcel AIDE - AI Powered Intelligent Data Extraction: Extract unstructured data from PDFs, handwritten forms, and scanned copies with Idexcel AIDE. With the AIDE solution framework, an enormous number of paper-based documents in different formats, varying layouts, and multiple languages are digitized into a machine-readable format that is stored and analyzed more easily.

AIDE Form Extraction

AIDE is an Extraction and Redaction utility. It can automate manual extraction of the forms, tables, plain text data in an organization. Here there is a W2 Form which is in a printed format. We are going to pass it to AIDE and get the extracted output. AIDE uses the latest in AI/OCR technologies and gives above 95% accuracy. For custom solutions, we can even redirect the output to any software suite for downstream processing.

AIDE Table Extraction

AIDE can intelligently extract tables from noisy documents. The documents can be in the form of PDF printed text or scanned documents. The accuracy of the extraction is also greater than 95 percent. AIDE can extract table content, and get the accurate table reconstructed in the output.

AIDE Text Extraction

AIDE has the feature to extract plain text intelligently and it understands the context of the entities used as you can see in the post-extraction screen. This is useful in industries like Legal, Medical, Research, etc. We can get the output as a text file and JSON file in the output zip. The JSON file can be used for further processing.

AIDE Redaction

AIDE has the feature to Redact sensitive pieces of information from the forms. Redaction is done on pixel level so the information redacted is secure and non-reversible. The redacted PDF will send it to your email id. There are two options for the output file type, either you can receive the redacted file as a CSV or as a PDF.

AIDE - Multi-File Processing

AIDE can process multiple forms together. In this DEMO, you can see how AIDE process four different types of forms using the multi-file processing option.

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