Where do you find your candidates?

Our recruiting team maintains a proprietary database of candidates. We seek out referrals, which helps us find passive candidates. Also, our staffing team has access to several resume searching tools such as Dice, Monster, CareerBuilder, etc. We also use social media platforms to stay connected to candidates and our clients.

Can you help me look for a job?

Yes, Idexcel places candidate in three ways - Direct Placement, Contract to Hire and Contract positions. We work with professionals having different skillsets and skill levels. Whether you are at an entry level, or upper management, we can help you find the best career opportunity.

How do you shortlist the candidates?

At Idexcel, we follow extensive screening methods, and this is what sets us apart from other recruiting firms. We qualify only the best possible candidates for any given requirement and follow a four-step process in order to find the best possible fit for our client’s specific needs.

Initial Telephonic Screening

Idexcel’s staffing specialists conduct a detailed phone screening with every candidate in order to ensure that they are able to assess the qualification, education, interests, experience and skill level of each candidate. Our recruiting staffs also evaluate the candidate’s areas of interest, availability, location and other expectations.


Idexcel's staffing team schedules in-person interviews, where the candidate is evaluated not only in terms of technical abilities, but also on professionalism, soft skills and abilities. We gather additional information during this process, and ensure that the candidate is well aware of the client’s expectations. The candidate is evaluated thoroughly before moving on to the next level.

Managerial References

Every candidate is expected to provide a minimum of three managerial references. We ensure that these references are valid and then contact the reference to gather additional information regarding the candidate’s experience, level of skill, and technical responsibilities. Also, feedback pertaining to the candidate’s reliability, team skills, and potential for rehire is collected. On getting a positive outcome from all the three references, we approve the candidate to be moved to the final phase of screening.

Account Manager Screening

In the final step, Idexcel’s Account Manager reconfirms the candidate’s expertise, and evaluates the shortlisted candidates for the best match. The Account Manager knows the exact requirements of the client, and is ultimately responsible for filling the position. When the Account Manager confirms the expertise of the candidate, he or she is finalized for further evaluation by the client.

Usually, the initial screening process is conducted over several candidates and only one or two best performants matching the client’s exact requirements are chosen after rigorous screening.

How do you check the background of the candidate?

We do the basic background checks, and can perform additional testing based on the client’s request.

How many recruiters are assigned to each requisition?

Based on the requirement or urgency, we usually assign 1-5 recruiters for any given requisition.