Test Environment Management Services


Idexcel’s Test Environment Management service will provide the expertise to design, procure, build, test, and manage test environments. Our team will identify the optimal type and number of test environments necessary for various applications within the scope of the testing CoE.


Idexcel’s Test Environment Management includes:

Test Environment Requirements Management:

  1. Assess environment requirements, migration procedures and checklists
  2. Align test environment requirement plan in accordance with the overall project plan
  3. Identify the key focus areas and challenges for QA organization
  4. Ensure environment reservation/scheduling/booking for better ROI.

Environment Provisioning:

  1. Communicate environment requirements to the infrastructure partner at the end of test planning phase
  2. Leverage cloud providers for on-demand hosting
  3. Conduct environment readiness check and provide Go/No-Go decisions
  4. Establishment of standard processes around test environments.

Monitoring and Reporting Procedures:

  1. Establish metrics by SLA/KPIs
  2. Monitor environment availability
  3. Identify gaps and develop a service improvement plan
  4. Continuous process review to meet service objectives
  5. Manage test Change Control Board (CCB)
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