Big Data Services


The world of business analytics is changing with the advent of technology. It empowers people in the organization to make better decisions, improve processes and achieve desired outcomes and combining them with structured data to provide valuable business insights in real time. Idexcel offers end-to-end Business Analytics services that focus on converting data into actionable business insights.


Analytics Consultants:
We provide data scientists and statisticians who use a variety of data through statistical analysis, quantitative analysis, predictive modeling and other technologies and techniques to identify trends and understand the information that can drive business change and support sustained successful business practice.
Implementation Services
  • Develop data models and algorithms
  • Develop advanced reports / vizualization
Deployment Services
  • Evaluate cloud based analytics solution in line with your business objectives
  • Install, develop models and provide training
Digital Marketing Analytics
Analytics is a weak area in most digital marketing programs or campaigns. Idexcel’s offerings in digital marketing analytics comprises best in class features that enable data mining, data capture and real time analytics that deliver actionable insights. We help in
  • Analyzing offline and online data to understand consumer preferences
  • Contextualizing product promotions
  • Understanding consumer preferences
  • Providing location specific recommendations
  • Providing multichannel analysis from web, mobile and social
  • Optimizing search engines