UX Design – The Business View Point

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Websites and Web apps are evolving rapidly. What once used to be one static medium has now evolved into rich and interactive experience.
Regardless of the improvements done in web development, the real success of a website still hinges on one thing: how do users perceive it? “Is the website giving value? Is it easy to use? What are users feeling about it?” are few queries that brainstorm business minds when they have a website serving to visitors globally.
User Experience Design tends to give answers to the above queries. User Experience, as the name suggests, is the way a person feels while interacting with a system – that essentially can be a website, web app, desktop software or more precisely Human Computer Interaction (HCI).
UX Design leverages the perceptibility of a website to the user and delivers maximum user satisfaction when it is tailor made to the goals, values and ethics of a business.

The Business Value of UX Design

UX Design is all about User and Experience. Give your users a good experience with your systems and they will reward you with trust, loyalty and of course, their business! If not, they will find another business to meet their purpose. Below are few figures to justify our statement:
• Companies owning highly effective UX Design have revenue increased by 37% outperforming the S & P with almost triple the returns.
• 90% users stop using an app due to poor performance while 86% uninstall or delete their apps due to foul user experience.
• Meanwhile 86% users say it is worth paying more for an app that delivers excellent User Experience.
• 48% users perceive of a business “not caring” if their website has a poor performance on mobile.
• 52% users steer clear of businesses in future who offers a “bad mobile experience”
• 40% users will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Businesses who can benefit from UX Design

E-commerce Websites:
E-commerce websites can benefit a lot from UX Design Services. It is not that only sizzling products will reap the sales, it however, stretches beyond User experience as well. The faster loading of products, the easy navigation and the seamless performance of the website in mobile phones altogether determine the success of such websites.

A novice business will not have enough budget to hire professional UX Design Services. However, they can contract out UX designers as and when needed or training their in-house web designers on UX Designs can save them lot of money while keeping customers happy with their websites and apps. A start up delivering inimitable web experience will sure shoot for the moon fast!

Long Term Projects:
Adding a Cog to website development will stretch time. UX Designers must be allotted with sufficient time. The UX Designers can shorten time by taking off tasks from web designers and developers thereby saving potential time and expenditure in revision phases.