Latest Trends in Software Testing 2015 – Idexcel Testing Roundup

1. Latest Trends in Software Testing 2015 – How the World Tests?

Software testing techniques, methodologies and tools are always changing.

Blame the emerging technologies and new platforms or accuse the advancement of new devices!

Truth of the matter is, businesses around the world are transforming and so are their IT systems and software testing world is not immune to this phenomenon.

Zephyr conducts an annual survey wherein 6000+ of its customers in 100 countries take part to answer some interesting questions to prepare a report. [Continue Reading…]

2. How Do We Sell the “Test Early” Principle?

Deliver just enough, focus on a minimum viable product, test early, test often, drive testing to the left, build quality in, prevent defects from occurring—these are all sound bites that communicate the need and intention of “building the right thing right.” But goals and principles are always easier to articulate than they are to actually implement.

I’m often asked, How do we convince our key stakeholders that testing earlier and at lower levels in the system or application is beneficial? Usually there are three camps in this regard: [Continue Reading…]

3. 7 Performance Testing Fallacies Undermining Your Test Strategy

When you do the same thing many times, you can start to make false assumptions about your work process—and testing is no exception. Sofía Palamarchuk discusses some common fallacies about performance tests specifically, and how they can end up costing testers and developers significantly more than they should.

It’s always interesting to find out the many ways in which we can be wrong. In his book Perfect Software and Other Illusions about Testing, Jerry Weinberg explained a number of fallacies regarding testing in general. Here, I’m going to discuss some that relate specifically to performance tests—and how they can end up costing testers and developers significantly more money down the line. [Continue Reading…]

4. Discussion: How did you “fall” into testing?

I was wondering how you “fell” into testing? I haven’t met anyone who started out wanting to be in QA, they just fell into it!

I’ll start, my SO has been a test manager for the better part of two decades, and the company she was working for had an opening. I used to be a forklift mechanic and it never occurred to me that I could be in QA. My SO, however, fell into QA from her accounting job to test a new account management system as she kept breaking the current system in use.

So what’s your story?

Was software testing a chosen path, or did you too “fall” into software testing? [Share your stories here!]