STAREAST 2015 Interview with Andy Glover: Idexcel Testing Roundup

1. STAREAST 2015 Interview with Andy Glover: Problem Solving for Testers

Summary:In this STAREAST interview, Andy Glover explains how testers solve problems. He digs into visual testing and its uses, as well as how we need to innovate in order to move the industry forward. Take a look.

2. The Economics Of Testing

What makes us professional?

I’ve heard many answers. But over the last few years I’ve established my own definition: Professionals understand the impact of the money they are given. Professionals do not waste that money, but invest their skills for maximal customer value. Professionals understand that value in terms of business impact for the customers.

This post explores the different facets of software testing economics and outlines a plan testers can use to become true professionals. Read on…

3. Technical and Non-Technical Testing Skills

One of the sessions at the Romanian testing conference in Cluj last week was a debate on do testers need to be technical or non-technical. It was an interesting debate and one which causes some great discussions. One of the first observations was many of the people present were willing to come forward and present the case that testers need to be technical. The framing of the definitions to me made it difficult to choose which side to present for, since no one had come forward for the non-technical side I put myself forward along with Richard Bradshaw (@friendly tester) and a couple of other people, unfortunately their names have escaped me.

Read on to find out which side was voted the most persuasive.

4. Discussion: Would having a Certificate help?

I have been in the Banking and Finance Industry for almost a year as a Quality Assurance Engineer. I am planning to explore other options and expand my knowledge.Contribute your response here!