18 Tips to Create Your Perfect LinkedIn Profile

These days, it takes more than a resume to stand out in a competitive job market. A profile that grabs attention on professional network site LinkedIn could make a difference.

One way to attract interest is by earning endorsements for the skills you’ve listed, according to an infographic produced by analytics and feedback application company TruConversion. In general, filling out all possible information areas will increase your profile’s visibility. Just listing your skills makes your profile 13 times more likely to be viewed.

Consistency is another big booster. It takes 20 LinkedIn posts each month to reach 60 percent of your audience, yet only 40 percent of people on the network use the site daily. Continue reading

Special Report Recruiting

The 2008-09 financial crisis crushed the recruiting industry. With massive layoffs and hiring freezes proliferating around corporate America, headhunting firms found themselves in a massive funk. Consider Korn Ferry, the largest executive search firm, which, according to The Economist, saw its annual revenue tumble 20 percent in April 2009, resulting in a loss of $10 million for the year.

But as the economy found its footing, so too did the industry of identifying and hiring talent. The rebound in the job market injected new life into search firms that help companies with high profile hires — Korn Ferry, now Korn Ferry Hay Group, reported a revenue of nearly $1 billion its last fiscal year — but it also spawned an era where companies are doing more of their own recruiting. Continue reading

11 highest paying tech jobs in America

If you’re not quite doctor or lawyer material, but want to make a killing, then you could do a lot worse than get a tech job. Which kind? That’s what online jobs and recruiting marketplace Glassdoor reveals in a new survey of the highest paying jobs in America. We’ve filtered out the non-tech jobs like physician ($180,000 median base salary) and lawyer ($144,500 median base salary), which are Nos. 1 and 2, and go from there (though really, what isn’t a tech job these days?) Anyway, you can get complete results of the Glassdoor highest paying jobs survey here. Results are based on salary reports shared by employees with these jobs on Glassdoor over the past year. Continue reading

The Top 11 Information Security Conferences of 2016

In Part II of our 2015 Infosec Wishlist series, a number of security experts expressed their desire for the security community to renew its focus on collaboration, communication and unity in the New Year. To accomplish this goal, folks in information security will need to internalize this message and inject it into their dealings with one another. But how can we set this process in motion?

We feel that conferences are an excellent starting point. Indeed, these events are perfect for security personnel to share research, debate hot topics and learn from one another.

With this in mind, we have assembled a list of the top 11 conferences in the information security industry for 2016. We hope that everyone with the means and ability to attend these events will do so.
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7 Tech Jobs Hardest Hit By Layoffs In 2015

Despite a relatively low unemployment rate for the tech industry, some of its jobs were hit harder with layoffs than others in 2015. Take a look at the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics data to see how your job and those of your peers fared.

Tech unemployment stood at only 2.6% in 2015, based on data culled from the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics by InformationWeek. That’s far better than the 5% unemployment rate across all industries at the close of last year and 4.9% for January 2016. Continue reading

One Simple Way to Develop Vision

Visionary entrepreneurs, artists and notable figures are often perceived and described as geniuses. But are they? What they have, undeniably, is more vision than other people. Can you develop more vision? Yes.

A lot of posts promise that there’s a simple trick to doing something complicated. In this instance, however, it’s true.

Developing vision is pretty straightforward. It’s not about seeing. It’s about seeking.
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