6 Questions To Ask Before Releasing Software – Idexcel Testing Roundup

1. 6 Questions To Ask Before Releasing Software

Your team has been working hard, iterating on designs, and spending countless hours developing new features. The day has come and they’re finally ready to ship. But are things really ready?

How do you know when the software is ready to be released? Who gives the final thumbs up? And what exactly needs to be done prior to the release?

Just as you’re always working to improve your product, you should always be working to improve and optimize your release process. [Continue Reading…]

2. What is a QA Engineer?

ou may have noticed on your neighborhood software development team a few people where coding the product isn’t their main role. They aren’t artists, so you know they aren’t web designers on the User Experience team designing the user interface. They don’t usually gather the initial business requirements, so they aren’t business analysts. And every other word they talk about contains the word “test”: Test Matrix, browser testing, test strategies, test cases, test scripts, regression testing.

They are the Software Quality Assurance Engineers. [Continue Reading…]

3. Where Do Software Bugs Come From?

I was discussing the new program to guarantee bug-free software with a friend, an agile coach I respect. He pointed out that there are basically two places bugs come from: either a programmer screwed up, or there are missing, misunderstood, or misinterpreted requirements. According to my friend, the first group can be driven to near zero with modern techniques, while the second is “always ten years away.” [Continue Reading…]

4. 10 Critical Activities to Test Security of Mobile Applications

3G and 4G network enabled smart phones are today being used more and more for accessing the Internet, for performing financial, business, and social transactions, and for media consumption. However, the safety of the data being consumed by the end user using the apps distributed via mobile application stores, poses a big security issue.

To add to this, Gartner predicts that almost 25% of organizations will launch their own apps by 2017. [Continue Reading…]