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Technology innovation is happening faster than ever before. Corporations are undergoing rapid changes with accelerated adoption of emerging technologies ( e.g. social, mobile, Big Data and cloud) which are disrupting traditional business models. CIOs and IT departments have never been under greater pressure to do more with less.

Idexcel’s Application Services bring together an industrialized, globally integrated approach to help companies strategically manage their application portfolios in support of business goals in this rapidly changing digital economy.

We deliver Application Services that help our clients create more value for the business, improve efficiency through IT systems and reduce costs. We help drive business innovation by integrating next generation technology into the enterprise IT landscape.

Idexcel has delivered projects to global clients in diverse technologies and architectures. We have a track record of successful delivery of mission critical IT programs, with an optimal CTQ (Cost-Time-Quality). We understand that each client and each project is unique.

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Idexcel’s expertise in Application Services helps enterprise improve their overall efficiency and effectiveness. Idexcel offers flexible, innovative end to end solutions customized as per organizational needs.

Enagagement Model

Fixed Price Turnkey Model

1.This model works best when deliverables can be tightly defined and all parties clearly understand their roles, responsibilities and deliverable milestones/deadlines. We commit to a specific deliverable at a fixed price.

2. After initial consultation with relevant stakeholders, the requirement definition document is either created by Idexcel (T&M model) or shared by the client.

3. Idexcel evaluates the scope and confirms its understanding of the requirements definition with the client.

4. We then propose a fixed price for the development phase taking into account various project dynamic parameters and also ensure complete risk mitigation process is charted within the proposal for a successful delivery.

5. On acceptance of the proposal by the client, the project is initiated and project monitoring and quality control steps are implemented.

6.We manage the development with clients reviewing the progress on a regular basis.

7. The project acceptance is carried out by the client and production roll out phase is initiated accordingly.

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Time & Material model

1. This model is recommended for projects where there is an ambiguity in both defined scope and stakeholder expectations followed by evolving internal business drivers.

2.We offer technology professionals charged at an hourly or monthly rate in various emerging technology areas. Clients have the option to choose from an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rate for resources.

3.The rate is based on each team member’s skill set and relevant project experience. Alternatively, clients may agree on a single blended rate for all resources involved in the project.

4. The rate is based on each team member’s skill set and relevant project experience. Alternatively, clients may agree on a single blended rate for all resources involved in the project.
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Dedicated Team Model

1. Our most popular engagement model executed by our clients with a passion for constant product innovation and shorter time to market. It substantially meets the long term outsourcing strategy for our clients.

2. This model offers an effective and established offshore development facility which works like an ‘extension’ to the client team.

3. Dedicated skilled team members trained on your line of business, systems and processes.

4. Infrastructure dedicated to your projects.

5. Full time resources dedicated to your projects for 5 days /week, 8 hours / day

6. Client has direct access to individual team members

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Dual Shore Delivery model

1. Our Dual Shore Delivery Model leverages both offshore and onsite engagement models to provide high quality, cost effective solutions to our clients. This model is predominantly used for small to medium sized project which encompasses

  • offshore based development team for Coding, Testing and Dev Support
  • Effective onsite team to manage client interaction portion of the project

2. To maximize resource efficiency and manage costs, our preferred work distribution between offshore and on-site locations is 80/20. But this distribution is flexible based on the need for client interactions and project criticality.

3. This model provides a low cost structure with efficient analysis & optimal change management approval process.

4. Effective use of this model shortens project cycles enabling faster Time to Market and provides our client with the unique ability to control the team size based on the business needs.
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