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Cloud Application Modernization

To sustain today's competitive stampede, organizations must embrace Cloud application modernization to entertain enormous market advantages. idexcel uses cloud centric Application Development Life Cycle to analyze the cloud readiness of your application and identify modernization scope. Based on your business goals, we will prioritize the activities and will perform phased approach along with Agile methodology framework to modernize your application to leverage the power of cloud and accelerate your business growth. The application modernization scope may involve application re-hosting, replacement, re-engineering and DevOps implementation.

Cloud Application Modernization

Cloud Native: idexcel development team and business analyst team will have regular session with your team to understand the business and will design the application for a cloud computing architecture. The application will be designed to take advantage of cloud computing frameworks, which are primarily composed of loosely-coupled cloud services. We will analyze and design the application for a cost-effective, scaled out and balanced architecture.

Re-Engineer Applications: The idexcel team will analyze the technical aspects of the application architecture and will design and replace the necessary components with cloud services, to loosely couple technical dependencies. Our technical experts will look into the increased security and minimized maintainability aspects of application. Our re-engineering process may include model based or service driven modernization approach.

Mobile Applications: idexcel consultants utilize AWS services to develop mobile applications for our customers. The combination of our application expertise and the AWS technology allow us to deliver mobile systems that scale to many thousands of users, and to reach global audiences. Our internal processes ensure that we deliver scaleable, performant and secure applications that are portable across a diverse set of devices and support a very large user base.

Cloud/On-Premise Integration: Based on your specific requirements, idexcel consultants will build integrations between your on-premise and AWS Cloud applications. We use industry best practices to plan and then build the integrations to ensure scalability, security and reliability.

Our App Modernization Model Approach

Technology Centric

Modernization Recommendations

Application Sustainment

Agility Assessment

Portfolio Analysis

Business Value Proposition

Key Benefits of our App Modernization Services

Enhance Flexibility

Minimize Disruption

Improve Business Agility

Reduce Cost of Operations

Reduce Risk of Operations

Improve Return on Investment (ROI)

Modernize your cloud applications and boost your operational efficiency

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