Machine Learning’s Impact on Cloud Computing

Increasing dependency on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the (Internet of Things) have given new goals to cloud computing infrastructure administrators. The premises enfolding within this newly emerging subfield of Information and Technology are indeed very vast ranging from smartphones to robotics. Firms are developing new machinery requiring the least amount of dependency on human resources. […]

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Amazon SageMaker in Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) has become the talk of the town, and its usage has grown inherent in virtually all spheres of the technology sector. As more applications are beginning to employ the use of ML in their functioning, there is a tremendous possible value for businesses. However, developers have still had to overcome many obstacles […]

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IoT Announcements from AWS re:Invent 2017

Amidst primitive turmoil in the IoT world, AWS unveiled its various solutions for IoT spreading over a large range of usage. The directionless forces of IoT will now meet the technologically advanced solutions through the hands of AWS which has offered a wide range of solutions in the arena. AWS IoT Device Management This product […]

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Agile & DevOps Conference 2018

Date : 29 Jan, 2018 Location : Dallas-TX, United States Venue: Homewood Suites by Hilton Event Details The conference targets to feature presentation and discussion sessions by recognized thought-leaders addressing the actual developments and trends in Agile & DevOps highlighting implementation challenges and their solutions. The conference presentations by expert speakers will make it easier […]

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Everything you need to Know about Serverless Microservices in AWS

It’s a well-known fact that handling multiple servers can be a painful experience, especially in the short run. Multiple servers mean multiple developers will need to work on the same code, making the code repository difficult to handle in the long run. One of the biggest disadvantages in the long run is the resiliency, which […]

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Advantages of Cloud Analytics over On-Premise Analytics

Majority of the organizations now agree that data science is a great tool to scale-up, build and streamline their businesses. But, with this huge amount of data they are collecting, are the organizations really coping up to analyze and implement the decisions in time? Most of them, in-spite of having on-premise analytics teams are in […]

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5 Exciting New Database Services from AWS re:Invent 2017

AWS cloud division has geared up for revolutionizing the cloud infrastructure with unveiling of its much anticipated AWS event re:Invent 2017 cloud user conference which had a distinct focus on data and so-called serverless computing. It was the sixth annual re:Invent of the cloud market leader AWS which additionally laid emphasis on competitive prices along […]

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