Big Data Empowers AI & Machine Learning

Recent decades have witnessed a rapid growth in technological advancement. From raising budget-tight efficiency to rendering the smart sensing technology, IT industries not only contest for the top spot but also play a vital role in transforming the world as we perceive it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not an unusual term nowadays, but the importance […]

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DevOps and The Cloud are the Much-Needed Pillars of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become the new age mantra in this fast-paced tech equipped world. The Cloud has become synonymous with such modern age developments. One would ideally relate the development of the Cloud with digital transformation. However, the current situation could not be further from the truth. To drive fast-paced changes in today’s business structures […]

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The Rise of Machine Learning-as-a-Service

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have become two of the most important words to reckon; their use has become imperative in almost all industries of today. With the introduction of machine-learning-as-a-service, data science has become a focus of the masses within a short span of time. While machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence, […]

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ChefConf 2018

Event Details: ChefConf brings together the best voices in the DevOps and automation industry for a week of insightful, disruptive, and thought-provoking conversations driving digital change in IT. Learn about the state of the art and the state of the future from the minds shaping the direction of modern apps and teams. Return with key […]

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Hybrid Cloud: Defining The Face of Futuristic Cloud Architecture

The future of cloud computing is a matter of hot debate. While some persist in one direction celebrating a unified and hybrid cloud, others have different prospects in mind altogether. Ever-changing cloud technology is rearranging its shape; the forces of business that guide cloud infrastructure have defined new dimensions for cloud technology as a whole. […]

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Agile and DevOps: Motivating Digital Readiness and Transformation

In modern-day dynamic environments, nothing can afford to remain stagnant. Primordial attachments are strikingly against the rules of survival, and Digital Transformation follows the same principle. Transformation serves as the key to success of any company operating in today‚Äôs business landscape, wherein, Agile and DevOps are the essential components for a successful journey. Employing Agile […]

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Cloud Computing in the Healthcare Industry

Data is omnipresent; the healthcare industry is no exception to this fact. As the Cloud takes over technology at an exponential rate, there is a vast amount of potential for Cloud computing in the healthcare industry. Since the Cloud provides on-demand computing, it has rapidly become the go-to tool, especially when healthcare institutes and hospitals […]

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Interop ITX 2018

Event Details: Interop ITX combines a trusted Conference program with a vendor-neutral Business Hall and lots of networking events. An event for the IT community, its an opportunity to learn about technologies and solutions outside your current ecosystems. Featuring 130+ sessions via a mix of hands-on, panel, and speaker-led sessions, build a custom educational experience […]

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