Infographics: Cloud Computing Market Overview – 2017

Amazon Web Services Continues to Dominate the Cloud Infrastructure: According to Synergy Research Group’s report, not much has changed in 2017’s cloud infrastructure leaderboard. The paramount benchmark of 34% cloud share for AWS left behind the richest IT Company Microsoft at 11%, while IBM and Google at 8% and 5% respectively. In the wake of […]

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Overcoming Cloud Security Threats with AI and Machine Learning

The increasing flexibility of Cloud services has made the enterprises to embrace them in storing, sharing and managing their data efficiently. Cloud computing has not only increased their operational efficiency, but also have helped them save thousands of dollars in IT investments. From helping the organizations deliver faster, cost-efficient and quality results to effectively managing […]

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Future of AWS Cloud Computing

The extremely customizable cloud computing service provider, AWS has the potential of being the era defining cloud service provider. In a brief period of time it has envisaged an extremely trusted and rapidly expanding cloud infrastructure within its reach—a league which is further growing and dominating the computer and IoT market. It is through these […]

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7 Key Business Benefits of DevOps

In order to be best at what an organization can achieve, there are a ton of things which need to come to the fore. The higher the networking capability between the employees, the higher the efficiency would be of the apps and tools being used within the organization. For this reason, DevOps is the keyword […]

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Top 10 Advantages of Cloud Computing

In simple words, cloud computing may be called as computing that is based entirely on the internet. As in the past, where people needed to run programs or applications from software which would be downloaded from a server or a physical computer, cloud computing services help them to access those applications through the medium of […]

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What’s Next in DevOps: 5 Trends to Watch

The term “DevOps” is typically credited to this 2008 presentation on agile infrastructure and operations. Now ubiquitous in IT vocabulary, the mashup word is less than 10 years old: We’re still figuring out this modern way of working in IT. Sure, people who have been “doing DevOps” for years have accrued plenty of wisdom along […]

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LISA17: Scaling the Future

Date : October 29–November 3, 2017 Location : 5 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA Event Details LISA: Where systems engineering and operations professionals share real-world knowledge about designing, building, and maintaining the critical systems of our interconnected world. Why Attend LISA is the annual vendor-neutral meeting place for the wider system administration community. The LISA17 program […]

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AWS Lambda Serverless Computing

Imagine a world where there are no servers, yet data management is also being performed with ease. This is the future of Cloud Computing, all thanks to AWS’s Lambda Serverless computing. With AWS Lambda, you can run your code without having to bother about servers. In simple terms, Lambda is an event driven computing platform […]

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Cloud Computing: Empowering Businesses of all Sizes

Cloud computing is now widely accepted as a solution that is here to stay for businesses looking to streamline, centralise and add value to their operations. Pavin argues that cloud, while not a game-changer for large companies, has brought forward a revolution for a huge number of businesses, in particular when it comes to adding […]

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