Data Security Challenges in Cloud Computing

With the increase in data volumes, data handling has become the talk of the town. As companies begin to move to the cloud, there is a higher emphasis ensuring everything is safe and secure, and that there is no risk of data hacking or breaches. Since the cloud allows people to work without hardware and […]

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How to Avoid Cloud Migration Mistakes

The data world is very dynamic, and it is critical to update services according to the demands of business. When you are operating cloud storage, it may occur that you are not satisfied with your service provider and want to migrate to another cloud provider. That sure is a right step, but what many miss […]

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Best Practices for Cloud Security

There was once a time when cloud security systems were very much able to tackle imminent threats through their inbuilt support systems. But, hackers have pushed forward, and it would appear that no data is secure from threats if additional security is not put in place. However, there are some handy precautions that you can […]

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Top 7 Benefits of Managed Cloud Services

Cloud computing has emerged as a fundamental requirement for successful business execution. Over the years, companies have struggled to control and adapt to the market with no significant success. With the introduction of cloud technology, they were, for the first time, able to revisit and reanalyze the data in real-time to get instant strategic inputs. […]

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HIMSS19 Global Conference & Exhibition

Date: February 11-15, 2019 Location: Orlando, FL Venue: Orange County Convention Center Event Details: The 2019 HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition, February 11–15, 2019 in Orlando, is the leading health information and technology conference, bringing together 45,000+ professionals from 90+ countries for the education, innovation and collaboration they need to transform health through information and […]

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Why You Should Consider DevOps for Your Organization

Adopting DevOps offers a cultural change in the workforce by enabling engineers to cross the barrier between the development teams and operations teams. Instead of having two disjointed groups, DevOps brings together the operational and developmental paradigms under the same Agile experience. DevOps introduces many benefits to organizations both regarding efficiency and error reduction; it […]

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The Top 5 Advantages of the Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing has become one of the prime opportunities worth exploring. Some businesses are rapidly progressing within the Cloud, while others continue to remain skeptical of the Cloud’s true capabilities. The Cloud is marketed as a tool to enhance efficiency, flexibility, and even provide the opportunity for expansion. However, these benefits are devoid of tangibility, […]

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Top Tips for Ensuring Microservices Security within Your Applications

Think innovation, and microservices is the first thing which comes to mind. Microservices has confirmed to be an innovative way to accelerate and enhance software development — this term specifically refers to the application subcomponents, which are formed separately to focus on one specific function. For example, an e-commerce store will have multiple microservices, some […]

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