Interop ITX 2018

Interop ITX
Event Details: Interop ITX combines a trusted Conference program with a vendor-neutral Business Hall and lots of networking events. An event for the IT community, its an opportunity to learn about technologies and solutions outside your current ecosystems. Featuring 130+ sessions via a mix of hands-on, panel, and speaker-led sessions, build a custom educational experience suited for you! Find topics at all levels of IT competency, from business intelligence to infrastructure modernization and cloud strategies to security best practices. Plus, dig into hot technologies like AI and IoT. Don’t miss out on this once a year chance to learn, network and drive your career and business forward.

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About Idexcel: Idexcel is a Professional Services and Technology Solutions provider specializing in Cloud Services, Application Modernization, and Data Analytics. Idexcel is proud that for more than 20 years it has provided services that implement complex technologies that are innovative, agile and successful and have provided our customers with lasting value.

Anand Allolankandy – (Sr. Director Technical Sales & Delivery at Idexcel) will be attending this event. For further queries, please write to

CIO Cloud Summit 2018

CIO cloud summit 2018

Event Details: The CIO Cloud Summit brings together top IT executives to have in-depth conversations about industry pain points and best practices. These individuals are guaranteed to be Senior Level IT decision-makers. The summit helps the attendees build a network of IT executive peers capable of providing you with invaluable business advice with which to grow your career. Each summit creates a focused environment that allows executives to focus on the issues that are most important to their organizations and the team ensures that all aspects of the event are run smoothly and according to schedule, so that attendees are free to focus on matters at hand.

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About Idexcel: Idexcel is a Professional Services and Technology Solutions provider specializing in Cloud Services, Application Modernization, and Data Analytics. Idexcel is proud that for more than 20 years it has provided services that implement complex technologies that are innovative, agile and successful and have provided our customers with lasting value.

Anand Allolankandy – (Sr. Director Technical Sales & Delivery at Idexcel) will be attending this event. For further queries, please write to

Pink18: IT Service Management Conference & Exhibition

Date : February 18-21, 2018
Location : Florida
Venue: JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes

Event Details
The conference theme will be covered in over 120+ sessions and 12 tracks to show how you can master the dynamics of today’s business environments by adopting, adapting and applying tried and true best practices. Subjects include: ITSM, ITIL, Lean IT, Agile, Scrum, DevOps, COBIT®, Organizational Change Management, Business Relationship Management, and more!

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About Idexcel:idexcel is a global IT professional services and technology solutions provider specialized in AWS Cloud Services, DevOps, Cloud Application Modernization and Data Science. With keen focus on addressing immediate and strategic business challenges of customers, idexcel is centered at providing deep industry and business process expertise. The idexcel team thoroughly dedicates itself to the occupation of technology innovation and business improvisation. Aware that all businesses involve specific areas unique to their culture and environment, the Idexcel team encourages flexibility and transparency across all levels of interactions with clients. Our team of AWS certified experts ensure that clients benefit from the latest cutting-edge technology in AWS cloud.

Our Mission: Our mission is to provide effective, efficient and optimal IT professional services meeting our client’s needs. Our extensive and proven technical expertise enables us to provide the high quality of services and innovative solutions to our clients.

Allolankandy Anand Sr. Director Technical Sales & Delivery will be attending this event. For further queries, please write to

Life as an IT contractor | Network World

Independence, job variability, earning potential, skills development. But is it worth it?

The upside of life as an IT contractor is alluring. You get to be your own boss, accept only the jobs you want, and work flexible hours. With each assignment comes the opportunity to learn new skills and gain exposure to different environments.

But there are obvious sacrifices – job security and paid vacations, for starters. As an IT contractor, you’re also often responsible for your own benefits (healthcare, retirement), paying taxes, and marketing yourself for the next gig.

Tech pros who successfully balance the pros and cons of contracting play an important role in the IT world. They provide manpower when workloads spike and can bring key expertise or niche skills to a team. In recent years, companies have increasingly relied on a contingent workforce to augment their full-time staff. According to new survey data from IT staffing and services firm TEKsystems, 26% of IT hiring managers expect to increase headcount for contingent workers in the second half of 2017 (another 46% report that headcount will remain the same for temporary workers, and 13% say it will decrease).
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The Best Technology Conferences of 2017

If you are looking for the best technology conferences to learn what’s new in tech world. We’ve put together few technology conferences to help you choose the ones you want to attend in 2017.

Digital Transformation Forum 2017


Date: June 22, 2017

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Join at the Intersection of Business, Technology, Marketing, and Strategy at this Can’t Miss Executive-Level Forum

Adapt and Thrive in Changing Times

Are you frustrated with the ever-quickening pace of technology change? Digital Transformation is one of the most challenging topics for CIO’s, CMO’s, and CDO’s (and their CEOs) across the globe. It’s about establishing new relationships with your customers, employees, and other stakeholders in your business, and giving them the platforms, tools, and opportunities to achieve the best outcomes.

Looking AHEAD 2017


Date: June 22, 2017

Location: Chicago, IL

When you attend Looking AHEAD, you’ll be immersed in a day full of sessions from industry-leading experts and thought leaders on topics spanning across the data center and in the cloud. You’ll have unlimited opportunities to meet with like-minded IT professionals, partners, and AHEAD staff, and bring back key takeaways to use in your own organization!

NEXT 2017


Date: June 28 – 30, 2017

Location: Washington, DC


Don’t miss these unique opportunities to meet like-minded professionals and have fun in the process.The .NEXT 2017 Conference is helping to build the future of the Enterprise Cloud and will introduce you to the product experts who will provide new solution demo’s that demonstrate the latest features and provide answers to your questions right there live.

O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference


Date: June 26 – 29, 2017

Location: New York, NY

Discover the untapped opportunities of applied AI

The brightest minds in artificial intelligence will gather in New York to share how to implement AI in real world projects. Join us as we explore the future of AI—and how to get there from here.

Gartner Catalyst Conference


Date: August 21 – 24, 2017

Location: San Diego, CA

An IT strategy is only as effective as the ability to execute it.

Gartner Catalyst Conference gives a comprehensive view into the technologies that will power the future of your digital business. Through sessions tailored to your role and key initiatives, you’ll gain the insights into topics such as big data, cloud, IoT, DevOps, AI and machine learning needed to guide you through an entire technology project lifecycle — from strategy to architecture to execution.

INDUSTRY: The Product Conference


Date: September 14 – 15, 2017

Location: Cleveland, OH


Product teams from across the world convene once again in the center of America’s industrial heartland on September 14th and 15th for INDUSTRY 2017. Join 600 others in learning, sharing and celebrating the latest disruptive trends in product management.

Eventful Forum 2017 – The New Paradigm of Virtualized Consumerism


Date: September 14 – 15, 2017

Location: New York, NY

Eventful Enterprises presents the second annual gathering of the Eventful Forum, an executive conference dedicated to addressing the future of business through the world’s converging industries. Last year, EF2016 hosted participants from 12 cities around the country and 4 countries around the world. For this year’s followup, EF2017 will be the first conference anywhere to bring the martech and fintech worlds together under one roof, to address the most urgent and actionable collaborations needed for facing the imminent new paradigm of virtualized consumerism.

Strata Data Conference


Date: September 25 – 28, 2017

Location: New York, NY

Where business is going—and how to get there first

For those who know how to turn algorithms into advantage, data delivers insight, efficiency, and untapped opportunities. Strata is a unique opportunity to tap into the leading minds in technology and business and network with thousands of data scientists, engineers, analysts, and business managers.

Gartner Symposium/ITxpo


Date: October 1 – 5, 2017

Location: San Francisco, CA

The World’s Most Important Gathering of CIOs and Senior IT Executives
Turn your vision into action at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, where the world’s top CIOs gain a strategic view of the emerging trends shaping IT and business. Through an unparalleled intersection of Gartner analysts, industry experts, peers and solution providers, you’ll explore new ways to approach critical challenges, make decisions with confidence and achieve greater impact as a leader.

Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference


Date: December 4 – 7, 2017

Location: Las Vegas, NV

The Premier Destination for Infrastructure, Operations Management and Data Center Leaders

Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Conference 2017 is the premier gathering for senior IT and business leaders, offering a depth and breadth of I&O topic coverage unavailable at any other event. This year, 60+ members of the Gartner I&O analyst team will present fresh, research-based content and actionable, unbiased advice—all designed to accelerate decision-making, prioritize your initiatives and link I&O strategies to the goals of the business.

IT Salary Survey 2017: Highlights

Key findings from Computerworld’s survey of nearly 2,800 IT professionals, including salary trends, hot skills, job satisfaction, career outlook, biggest concerns and more.

Salaries are rising, but at a slower pace

Tech pros who responded to Computerworld’s 31st annual IT Salary Survey showed an interesting mix of optimism and anxiety. We polled 2,782 IT professionals — 55% technical staffers and 45% IT managers — asking them about their compensation, workloads, long-term career prospects and much more. Read more..

Emerging Trends and Challenges of IT Staffing Services Globally

Comprehending the latest staffing trend is critical to the development of client base, recruiting top talents and boosting business growth. While the key priorities of a business should be adding new clients, hold strategic business partnerships and improve sourcing strategies, focus needs to be given on recruiting best talents too! Businesses need to spend a little more time than usual on building relationships with clients and colleagues.

Latest Trends in IT Staffing

Promote Branding:
2015 saw the growth of staffing and recruiting firms worldwide by 71% which is expected to grow by 91% by the end of 2016. But what exactly is driving this growth?

Majority of the growth is reliant on existing client relationship. Last year businesses reported that revenue was largely incurred through repeat business. Expanding the client base and reaching out to new potential clients was back listed by lower priority levels.

Client base expansion needs to be knocked with a wakeup call. They have to bring new clients into their eco system and to do so; they have to get their brands out there. Leading social media networks and professional connects like LinkedIn will remain the matchless path to promote business, but IT staffing firms will have to up the ante if rising above competition is their ultimate goal. Extensive networking and brand management will remain the top priority for all IT staffing services for years to come!

Flexible Staffing Model:
Sadly, only 22% of CIOs plan to higher full time employees to increase the size of team while other 78% are eager to maintain their existing team size or even reduce it, if possible. But still we see the demand for seasoned professionals continue to grow. So, how does one reconcile the two different objectives in hiring trends today?

Hiring full time employees is expensive but it is imperative to hire new talents as they fuel the growth of technology initiatives in a company and contribute in raising the company above the competition. We see companies welcoming flexible staffing model. Flexible staffing model help companies have full time staff levels for average workloads and hire subject matter experts to augment their existing staff strength during peak workloads and fill skill gaps in teams when required. This approach is highly cost effective while being nimble as technology initiatives pass through typical phases of planning, support and implementation.

Hiring Passive candidates:
No wonder, the best talents in the industry are already employed. Relying on traditional hiring processes leaves IT staffing services wad on a shallow pool of talents. Hiring passive candidates are their ultimate solution. These are those candidates who are not looking for change but if given a chance with better offers will surely leap the opportunity!

Unfortunately, in-house staffing team have no time to identify the passive candidates in the market. According to LinkedIn, only 22% businesses make passive staffing their priority. Hiring Passive Talents seems to emerge with full strength in upcoming years.

Challenges in IT staffing

Strike balance between quality and quantity of resources hired:
While 62% IT staffing companies reported that placement total remained their top revenue driving source, businesses are still failing to identify the gap between quality and quantity of resources being hired. The foremost challenge that IT staffing services face – the lack of quality candidate. Nearly 1 out of 4 businesses report there is an extreme skill shortage in their company because of which they recruit repeatedly for same position year after year.

According to a 2015 report, businesses still struggle to decide on best resources for their positions. A greater focus on data intelligence stemming out of CRM software might help to reduce the concern a bit! It can show which hiring processes are performing well for company growth and the processes which are proving to be non-performing!

Concerns on Employee Retention

A survey conducted by Careerbuilder & suggests 34% employers are concerned on their smaller team size and fear retention of existing employees. Most talented and experienced employees are attracted with better lucrative offers – ever reducing the team size and impacting company’s growth and innovation! This clearly suggests only those who incentivize and scales up salaries regularly are top market players.

Other challenges include:
• 26% businesses agree deficit in implementing new technologies and software to recruit resources effectively and efficiently.
• 8% say more improvements need to be done on implementation of data intelligence and analytics.
• 29% felt the need to increase pipeline quality.
• 30% felt their open positions aren’t been filled with quality.

UX Design – The Business View Point

ux banner

Websites and Web apps are evolving rapidly. What once used to be one static medium has now evolved into rich and interactive experience.
Regardless of the improvements done in web development, the real success of a website still hinges on one thing: how do users perceive it? “Is the website giving value? Is it easy to use? What are users feeling about it?” are few queries that brainstorm business minds when they have a website serving to visitors globally.
User Experience Design tends to give answers to the above queries. User Experience, as the name suggests, is the way a person feels while interacting with a system – that essentially can be a website, web app, desktop software or more precisely Human Computer Interaction (HCI).
UX Design leverages the perceptibility of a website to the user and delivers maximum user satisfaction when it is tailor made to the goals, values and ethics of a business.

The Business Value of UX Design

UX Design is all about User and Experience. Give your users a good experience with your systems and they will reward you with trust, loyalty and of course, their business! If not, they will find another business to meet their purpose. Below are few figures to justify our statement:
• Companies owning highly effective UX Design have revenue increased by 37% outperforming the S & P with almost triple the returns.
• 90% users stop using an app due to poor performance while 86% uninstall or delete their apps due to foul user experience.
• Meanwhile 86% users say it is worth paying more for an app that delivers excellent User Experience.
• 48% users perceive of a business “not caring” if their website has a poor performance on mobile.
• 52% users steer clear of businesses in future who offers a “bad mobile experience”
• 40% users will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Businesses who can benefit from UX Design

E-commerce Websites:
E-commerce websites can benefit a lot from UX Design Services. It is not that only sizzling products will reap the sales, it however, stretches beyond User experience as well. The faster loading of products, the easy navigation and the seamless performance of the website in mobile phones altogether determine the success of such websites.

A novice business will not have enough budget to hire professional UX Design Services. However, they can contract out UX designers as and when needed or training their in-house web designers on UX Designs can save them lot of money while keeping customers happy with their websites and apps. A start up delivering inimitable web experience will sure shoot for the moon fast!

Long Term Projects:
Adding a Cog to website development will stretch time. UX Designers must be allotted with sufficient time. The UX Designers can shorten time by taking off tasks from web designers and developers thereby saving potential time and expenditure in revision phases.

Benefits of Video in Marketing

Videos are a great communication tool that convey and transmit large amounts of information in a short period of time. Video files have been extensively used in the marketing field to create brand awareness and build a strong customer base. Including video promotion to the marketing mix can help business to rapidly expand, increase profitability and promote products, services and brand.

These days, people would like to make informed decisions, and are hungry for more accurate and fast information. Rather than reading long texts, they prefer to watch a video that spans few minutes and is more effective in communicating the key points to the target audience in a short time. As per Tubular Labs software which tracks 1.5B videos across more than 30 platforms, in one year, 654.7 million videos were uploaded by 66.7 million users and these videos have more than 2.8 trillion views, which is approximately 4390 views per video. This was 2015, and future of video in marketing definitely seems very promising. YouTube gets four billion views each day, Google (which owns YouTube) is the largest search engine, and 70% of the top 100 search listing are video results. Every minute, more than 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter, and video sharing has become a big part of social media to get the message out. 400 hours of video are being uploaded on YouTube every day, and in November 2015, Facebook had generated eight billion video views per day.

These staggering numbers are an indication that there is an exponential rise in the use of video content in the marketing programs. The marketing videos are placed on the website, or anywhere on the internet and are optimized to rank on the top listings in the search engine result pages. This gets instant exposure and visibility to the millions of potential clients or buyers without spending a fortune. If the video is interesting and catchy, it can gain millions of views within a few days. With the latest software and editing tools, it has become much easier to create and edit informative and innovative content at an affordable price. Including video in the marketing emails increases the open rate, click-through rate and conversions.

Benefits of Video in Marketing
2015 witnessed the return of storytelling and video marketing becoming mainstream with renewed video strategies for enhanced customer engagement. However, many small businesses are still dealing with several issues such as viewability and finding ways to activate the video marketplace. The marketing video strategy is not well-defined, and taking the first step becomes challenging. However, video marketing is feasible and possible for all businesses. Apps such as Vine from Twitter that supports six-second clip have drastically increased business opportunities at a very low cost. To remove the uncertainty, here are few things that can be considered while building a video marketing strategy:

1. Budget and Resource Allocation – Every business struggles to strive in the competitive market, that too, with in the limited budget. However, creating a studio and hiring a dedicated video team may not necessarily cost a fortune. If the budget is restricted, start with a dedicated videographer as a resource who can create and edit all the footage and create at least one video each week. Shooting can be done in the real office with the HD-quality camera.
2. Story Description – Keep the focus on target audience and message to be conveyed. An introduction about the company and products is a good start, and then add a marketing angle to it. Graphics and content should be easy to read and eye-catching, and educate audience regarding valuable information about the product, else users will just skip and move on.
3. Content management – It is important to showcase the offerings and products, but ensure to put a human face such as customer success stories, happy employees, satisfied business partners etc. who can talk about positive aspects of the business.
4. Time matters – It may be very challenging to cover up all the business offerings in a short video, however, viewers usually have very short attention span. Initially, it is essential to keep the video marketing content short and crisp. Based on the viewership and demand, go for in-depth longer videos and build a comprehensive library.
5. Video placement – YouTube and Facebook are great platforms, however, YouTube can refer the viewer to unrelated or competitive content. In addition to the free channels, use secure and dedicated hub for videos on the homepage of your website to have better control and keep tab on the viewership.
6. Monitor – The success of marketing videos can be assessed by measuring performance, which includes much more than just the number of views. To know if the videos are working, check the drop-off rates, repeat views and duration of views. Monitor how the videos are being watched, and are they able to engage the viewers. Use these statistics to narrow down the viewers that can be turned into business leads. Create more videos, embrace interactive features and utilize live streaming to have an explosive year.

Be creative not only in the video content, but in the entire campaign strategy. It is not necessary to have a huge budget to create interesting and creative videos and include them in your social, content, email and digital marketing campaigns. The staggering numbers of video usage in marketing can’t be ignored, and businesses must explore all the opportunities to tap this resource to increase their profitability and market share. Video advertising should be an integral part of the marketing strategy and budget.

18 Tips to Create Your Perfect LinkedIn Profile

These days, it takes more than a resume to stand out in a competitive job market. A profile that grabs attention on professional network site LinkedIn could make a difference.

One way to attract interest is by earning endorsements for the skills you’ve listed, according to an infographic produced by analytics and feedback application company TruConversion. In general, filling out all possible information areas will increase your profile’s visibility. Just listing your skills makes your profile 13 times more likely to be viewed.

Consistency is another big booster. It takes 20 LinkedIn posts each month to reach 60 percent of your audience, yet only 40 percent of people on the network use the site daily. Continue reading