8 Products And Features Unveiled At AWS Summit 2017

AWS Summit Product Roundup

Amazon’s series of Summit events are primarily about educating partners and customers to use the advanced features of the world’s largest public cloud.

But whenever Amazon CTO Werner Vogels takes a stage, as he did to deliver the keynote at the recent AWS Summit in San Francisco, you know he’s not going to resist revealing some cool features to the AWS community.

Vogels didn’t disappoint in San Francisco, showing off a number of new, or newly available, capabilities of AWS cloud.

“Over past few years, cloud has become the new normal,” said the CTO. “The default environment to build apps on.”

With all the new features, partners feel like James Bond, Vogels said, with Amazon, giving them “all these fancy tools,” filling the role of Bond’s innovative quartermaster Q. Read more..

OpenStack Summit 2017 | Boston, MA

Date : May 8-11, 2017

Location : Boston, MA

Venue : Hynes Convention Center

The world runs on open infrastructure. At the OpenStack Summit, you’ll learn about the mix of open technologies building the modern infrastructure stack, including OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Ceph, OVS, OpenContrail, OPNFV, and more. Whether you are pursuing a private, public or multi-cloud approach, the OpenStack Summit is the place to network, skill up and plan your cloud strategy.

Hear business cases and operational experience directly from users, learn about new products in the ecosystem and participate in hands-on workshops to build your skills. Attended by thousands of people from more than 60 countries, it’s the ideal venue to plan your cloud strategy and share knowledge about architecting and operating OpenStack clouds.

To register for the event, click here.

Benefits of Cloud Services for Businesses

Cloud-Businesses- Services
Cloud Services have undoubtedly become one of the most valuable computing services available on the Internet these days. There is no denying the fact that the Cloud has changed the very essence of running applications on different platforms. In the past, people used to run applications or programs hard stored in their computers. However, with the advent of Cloud Computing, people can run these applications from anywhere on the Internet.

For this very reason, there have been a lot of benefits which have come to the fore, with respect to Cloud Computing. No matter if you own a small business or are the CEO of a conglomerate, chances are, your business can benefit immensely from the use of Cloud Computing.

Here are some benefits of cloud services for businesses:

Cost savings: Every business owner wants to save money. Cloud storage can go a long way when it comes to securing and providing affordable storage solutions to businesses through Cloud computing. This way, providers can effectively distribute the costs of their infrastructure and make it cost effective for businesses wanting to conduct their business through the use of Internet. At the same time, Cloud storage can help save costs related to hardware and maintenance, since these are all considered capital expenditures, which add to the overall cost of a business’s expense list.

Convenience: Convenience is yet another factor which helps keep the Cloud business going. Since everything moves to the Internet, there are no physical servers or hardware you need to maintain to keep everything running smoothly. Everything gets transferred to your Cloud provider, who will be incurring the cost of maintaining the Cloud storage systems for your business and keep the services running without interruptions.

Security: All the Cloud storage is housed in an exclusive data center; this way, since no hardware is stored within the office, it becomes easier to maintain security. As the security is enhanced, there is no single point of failure, making the concept of storage all the more exclusive and safe. In other words, in case even one server crashes, your data will always remain safe, making it a fool proof way to maintain and store data.

Mobility: One of the main reasons for employing Cloud Storage in a business world is the mobility it offers to the customers. All you need is an Internet connection to get going and you will be all set to work from anywhere. No matter if you are waiting at the airport or sitting at home or travelling to another country, if you have an Internet connection, you can always stay connected.

Scalability: What you use is what you pay for! This is how simple it is. You don’t need to worry about ending up with unused storage space at the end of the month. This is the flexibility you get with Cloud storage. Modify your needs as your usage increases or decreases, so that you can adjust your usage with convenience.

Automatic software updates: Since the servers are not on the same premises as your business, you don’t have to worry about anything at all. The service providers roll out different updates for you periodically, thereby allowing you to stay abreast of all the latest services being provided by the Cloud storage providers.

Increased team collaborations: Since a lot of teams can be brought onboard to manage the data, there is always someone available to streamline and perform data monitoring. Gone are the days when each team member had to wait to access data from the server. With the Cloud services in place, everyone can access data at the same time, thereby making team collaboration more effective and well coordinated.

Environment friendly usage policies: As you increase/decrease your usage, the carbon footprint also fluctuates. This way, the environment also gets the love it deserves as your company does its bit in making the environment healthier and better.

Licenses: Pre-procured licenses can go a long way in the Cloud industry. However, procuring licenses from Cloud providers again and again can often prove to be a costly affair in the long run. This way, it’s always beneficial to have a set of licenses which can be used again and again.

Considering the points above, there are endless benefits a business can avail by making use of the Cloud service. The sooner you move to the Cloud, the faster and more effective the results you can garner in the short run and the long run alike.

AWS Summits 2017 | San Francisco

Date : April 18-19, 2017

Location : San Francisco

Venue : Moscone West

Why Should You Attend?

Whether you are new to the cloud or an experienced user, you will learn something new at the AWS Summit. This free event is designed to educate you about the AWS platform. Develop the skills to design, deploy, and operate infrastructure and applications.

Sessions & Workshops

More than 50 learning opportunities: services intros, new service deep dives, solutions and tech talks.


Hands-on training opportunities in paid training bootcamps.


Experience The Hub, a high-energy expo with top AWS technology and consulting partners, and access to AWS engineers and architects. [Know more about the Conference]

ChefConf 2017

Date : May 22-24, 2017

Location : Austin, TX 78701

Venue : JW Marriott Austin



Chef comes alive when nearly 2,000 passionate leaders, practitioners, and innovators from the DevOps community converge upon Austin, Texas. We’ll present an invigorating blend of technology and local Austin experiences to engage and energize both technical practitioners and corporate leaders. [Know more about the Conference]

10 Fantastic Recruitment and HR Blogs You Should Be Reading


Every recruiter has to keep themselves updated with the latest information in the recruitment industry. We’ve searched the web for the 10 best blogs for the HR and Recruiting industry.Take some time to subscribe the blogs.

1. ERE

Web: www.eremedia.com/ere/

ERE was created in 1998 as an online gathering place for recruiters. It was designed as a destination where the community could network, share best practices, and learn from each other.

Fast forward to today, ERE Media has become the go-to information and conference source for human resources, talent acquisition, and recruiting professionals. We have built our publications and conferences around three core brands and audiences to cater to their specific needs.

2. Greg Savage

Web: www.gregsavage.com.au/

Over a career spanning thirty-five years, Greg is a respected voice across the global recruitment industry and is a regular keynote speaker at staffing conferences around the world.

3. Fistful of Talent

Web: www.fistfuloftalent.com/

Fistful of Talent is a group of pros from Recruiting practices, HR shops and Consulting firms across the nation. The center of the conversation is talent – which includes recruiting as well as everything you do with the talent once it’s in the door.

4. Undercover Recruiter

Web: www.theundercoverrecruiter.com/

This blog has less of a pure recruiting and HR focus, and blends jobseeker-specific content with tips for recruiters and hiring managers. Overall, it gives a good perspective into both sides of the current employer/employee market.

5. Indeed Blog

Web: www.blog.indeed.com/

More people find jobs on Indeed than anywhere else. This is Indeed blog, where they share data trends and insights, tips for employers, product updates and best practices.

6. Matt Charney

Web: www.mattcharney.com

Matt Charney is probably the world’s top expert when it comes to talent and technology. If you want to know what’s cool, what’s new or what’s next in recruiting, all you have to do is ask Matt.

7. Recruiter

Web: https://www.recruiter.com/recruiting-tips.html

Find recruiting tips and recruiting strategies to help you be a better recruiter, make more placements, stay on top of recruiting technology trends,and stay motivated. Learn about recruiting industry trends and best practices for both corporate and agency recruiters.

8. Staffing Talk

Web: http://staffingtalk.com/

Staffing Talk is a website that is focused on the Staffing Industry. From news, opinions, personal stories, events, contests and other opportunities to get involved, we look forward to hearing from you! If you are in the staffing industry, Staffing Talk is for you!


Web: http://www.recruitingblogs.com/

RecruitingBlogs is the #1 online media resource for today’s recruiting world, offering a signature mix of content, news, webinars, podcasts, videos, eBooks, white papers and events that develop professional best practices.

10. BoleanStrings

Web: http://booleanblackbelt.com/

Glen Cathey created this blog to share his obsession with talent attraction, engagement and acquisition.